Green and Blue University is founded on the principle that optimal health fuels the vitality necessary to realize our full potential. Through optimal health people can create opportunities for sharing their unique gifts for the common good.
Our vision is to deliver distinct health related information that will empower individuals to make choices to benefit their welfare.

- Marina Gumanovskaya, Founder, Green and Blue University.


Green and Blue University is an educational company that offers engaging live talks and various publications for children, youth and adults on subjects of Individual Health in a Modern Environment.

Mission: To benefit individual welfare by advancing each audience’s understanding of the body‘s internal environment, including the interactions and influences of nutrition, ecology, society, and culture.

What can you expect from us:  All lectures and publications are based on the following key fundamental philosophies and strategies:

  • Understanding contemporary developments in Health Sciences
  • Identifying high quality sources of relevant scientific information and conveying it in a clear, concise, and practical way
  • Reducing the time an individual spends searching and sorting the world of information available on a subject
  • Correcting harmful misconceptions to promote better decisions about health
  • Supporting each individual’s strategies of effective health management to maximize the prevention of illnesses
  • Entertaining the audience with interactive activities and humor

Green and Blue University devotes special care to respect cultural, religious, political, nutritional, demographic and ethnic values.