Why is this called Green and Blue University?

Everywhere we look there is life.  Life is in every crashing wave of water. It is in every plant, always busy producing oxygen. It is in every animal that is looking for food, in every human being moving through all of life’s situations. And if we step out a bit, say into space, we will see this as a Green and Blue Planet that is home to all of us.

Earth’s green and blue environment supports our life, our health, our growth and progress.  And, Green and Blue University is an expression of gratitude to this Planet.

Dr. Marina GumanovskayaDr. Marina Gumanovskaya (also known as Dr. Marina and Dr. M) brings to the classroom over 20 years of strong education and far-reaching professional and scientific experience as an MD, a PhD in Immunology, a postdoctorate in Molecular Biology, and a manager at a Fortune 500 Medical Device Company. Dr. Marina is also an acknowledged mentor and passionate teacher, a creative and charismatic communicator, an environmental and healthy lifestyle activist, and a mother.

Prior to forming Green and Blue University, Dr. Marina held the position of Director of Technical Applications Teams for BD Biosciences, a leading provider of instruments, reagents, cell culture ware, and a wide range of services to support the work of researchers and clinicians.

Dr. Marina Gumanovskaya is a member of American Public Health Association: Public Health Education and Health Promotion, School Health Education and Services.